A wonderful organized tour package

Re: Thank you for a wonderful organized tour package with your company

This letter serves to confirm that my family and I had a wonderful experience with your tour company in Morocco in September 2015. We travelled throughout Morocco in a very comfortable vehicle. The driver was very friendly and the Tour Guides on each excursion were excellent and well knowledgeable.

Your Morocco guides were there to meet us at the airport even though the plane was two hours late. The tour guides were always very punctual which helps because being in a foreign country and not knowing the areas and the language does help.

Since my visit I describe Moroccan experience as “A tale of two cities in one town” in other words, there is the Old City and newer more upmarket areas in each town where one can reside. I definitely recommend that visitors stay in the old city of each town to get the experience. However, I must emphasize that the accommodation in some of the “riads” as they call the hotels is not the customary accommodation travellers would be used to but the experience is what counts. If a visitor is a bit squeamish then rather go for the more modern accommodation in the “Newer City”. Personally, I found the accommodations acceptable and yes what an experience.

I further enjoyed the desert experience sleeping out in the open tents experiencing the traditional night out in the open under the stars. The accommodation and food here were brilliantly presented.

Overall my holiday was great and I definitely will recommend your company to anyone who wants to travel in Morocco.

Ghamiet from South Africa, September 2015

“Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!!!”

My friend and I arrive Oct 18, 2015, and spent 13 days with Mustafa driving us through your amazing country. First of all, Mustafa gave us important and interesting information. Each day he would add to our knowledge of Morocco, the people, the food and customs. We really appreciated him giving us the confidence to explore the areas after he dropped us at the Riad for the day. He was an excellent driver and excellent companion. We laughed a lot. There are so many fond memories of our trip and it’s hard to organize my thoughts. Without a doubt, the favourite place was the Skoura Oasis. The palm groves took my breath away! Ksar El Kabbaba is one of the loveliest stops on earth. Travelling through towns and city watching Moroccan people working, going to school and doing their daily business was a pleasure beyond description. Everywhere we went people were nice to us. Seeing camels roam free and then riding a camel was just a kick. Having the quiet of the Sahara was unique and the Desert Luxury Camp was exceptional. Our weather was perfect the whole time we were visiting. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!!!

Alice and Pam from United States

“What a week!”

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John Bishop