Western Sahara

Western Sahara and Deep South

The proper Sahara with odd dunes that unfold on the horizon to the east and slowly descend into blue lagoons of Atlantic Ocean on the West.

Western Sahara is not on the top list of places to visit in Morocco but that what makes it appealing for the unbeaten path traveller.
It is very barren, an inhospitable area with desert dunes and nothing else much around.
This whole region is sparsely populated due to the desert dominated landscape and inhabitants live mainly in the big cities like Dakhla and Laayoune located by the coast. Their main living comes from fishing.
This region has a troubled history that is still not resolved today. The sovereignty of Western Sahara is very much in dispute since the 1970’s when the Spanish were fought to leave it.

Travellers that venture here come for the windsurfing sports, for the off the tourist path travel adventure and possibly quiet seaside holiday.


Off the beaten tourist path. The town has a very mellow atmosphere with excellent beaches often completely isolated except the summer months when Moroccans come for vacation. Here you find fresh clean air with sea views to die for.  No big hotels or resorts, but rather small auberges.

Swimming might be hard as water is often cold and the waves are strong.

Sidi Ifni

A former Spanish port has much history to offer. The town’s art deco architecture is one of the main tourists draw but the dramatic seaside cliffs is another important reason for a visit at the Legzira Beach.