Southern Morocco

Rich cultural experience, spectacular landscapes including desert dunes that please the discerning eye of any traveller

The main reason why travellers venture to Southern Morocco is for its desert experience through the South is much more than that!
If there is a place for filmmaker’s paradise Southern Morocco could fit the bill. The breathtaking and always changing landscape will never dull you in spite of the often-long drives. Here we find the snow-covered Atlas Mountains, palm oasis dotted by mud built castles, colourful gorges and beautiful cultural encounters with locals, Nomads and Berbers calling this region home.

The two desert region in Southern Morocco that attract many visitors each year is the most photographed place of South, Erg Chebbi desert dunes by Merzouga and the complete wilderness of Erg Chegaga desert.

Some places worth visiting.

Ait BenHaddou

Famous Ksar at the edge of Atlas Mountains. Once a traditional stronghold, UNESCO protected, well known from many movies made here.

Dades Gorge 

route to the gorge is absolutely stunning with strange rock creations sometimes refer to as monkey feet in contrast of the fertile and often green river valley

Todra Gorge 

The walls of the gorge are very tall and in some parts extremely narrow

Merzouga  / Erg Chebbi

Breathtaking apricot coloured desert dunes spreading into great heights.


Gateway to the Sahara


the centre of the Draa palm oasis. It’s believed people from Zagora can be most trusted. Zagora itself is not the city to stay we would recommend nearby places inside the Draa Valley

Erg Chigaga

wide-ranging wilderness, an ocean of desert sea with nothing around you. Great for people with a sense of adventure.


An Ancient town of Morocco



this beautiful date palm tree oasis that hides many beautiful hotels


Little Marrakech, sympathy town flanked by a wall and fun medina


The pottery artesian town

Ameln Valley / Taffroute

Palm tree valley set against the sandstone ridges dotted by earth coloured villages of umber, pink and red and yellow. February/Early March Tafroute host the yearly almond festival.

Interesting Facts

In the south, people organize weekly souks market where fresh produce and other practical staff is being traded.
Southern Morocco is famous for rock engravings and fossils.
Distances to the desert are long plan enough days to spend in this region. It is worth the while.

Western Sahara and Deep South

The proper Sahara with odd dunes that unfold on the horizon to the east and slowly descend into blue lagoons of Atlantic Ocean on the West.

Western Sahara is not on the top list of places to visit in Morocco but that what makes it appealing for the unbeaten path traveller.
It is very barren, an inhospitable area with desert dunes and nothing else much around.
This whole region is sparsely populated due to the desert dominated landscape and inhabitants live mainly in the big cities like Dakhla and Laayoune located by the coast. Their main living comes from fishing.
This region has troubled history that is still not resolved today. The sovereignty of Western Sahara is very much in dispute since the 1970’s when the Spanish were fought to leave it.

Travellers that venture here come for the windsurfing sports, for the off the tourist path travel adventure and possibly quiet seaside holiday.

Southern Morocco

Places in Southern Morocco

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